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What Filmmaking means to me.

I have been always passionate about art, such as painting, singing, and dancing. Through my art connections, I met actor and producer, Kenny Simmons, who was looking for an investor. Friendship and partnership grew quickly. Our first collaboration, a PTSD Awareness Documentary Film Series "American Unsung Heroes" was a success. The creative process, from beginning to end, of movie producing attracted me, and I ended up investing in another movie, Above Suspicion, an Emilia Clark film, star of the Game of Thrones series. 

It was a fabulous investment, which yielded a good return on capital and a senior position on the waterfall payments. It is an amazing feeling to break into a new circle of cinematography and major movie producers. My involvement with the movie-producing business widened. I was invited to work as a producer with Cloud Burst Entertainment on their new project, the Comeback Trail, starring Academy Award winners Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, and Tommy Lee Jones, to be released worldwide in early 2022. I am an Executive Producer on The Mick and the Trick, directed by Tom DeNucci. I was even involved in acting in the film, Three's Company, Too. It was just the beginning and more are coming. ShowBiz Magazine put me on the cover of its May 2021 issue the first Asian woman featured by the magazine. My story is proof that the American dream can be realized through hard work and determination. I am sure you, too, will realize yours.

- Suzanne Ge Yu

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